SB3 Trinity in Monroe & Indian Trail, NC

When You Want Optimum Protection for Your Vehicle...

When You Want Optimum Protection for Your Vehicle...

Bring it in to our Monroe, NC shop for a Trinity SB3 coating application

One little scratch or scrape can totally ruin the paint job on your car. Luckily, the Trinity system from SB3 coatings can protect the exterior of your vehicle for up to seven years. Classic Detail NC offers the Trinity system at our Monroe, NC shop.

With this three-layer professional ceramic coating system, you won't have to worry about bug marks, scrapes or chemical damage. To learn more about our Trinity application services, call 704-290-8984 now.

Our detailer can apply the Trinity coating system in three to four days. You'll be pleased to know that:

  • Our detailer is a certified Trinity master installer
  • The Trinity SB3 coating system provides unparalleled shine
  • We include paint decontamination services with every application

The Trinity professional ceramic coating system is only available from detailers with special training - so if you're looking for a shop that offers the Trinity system in the Monroe or Indian Trail, NC area, Classic Detail NC is the place to go. Contact us today to arrange for service.